NBF 2018

National Banana Festival aims to showcase the wide diversity of bananas in India. The festival will bring together large numbers of producers, farmers, business men, academicians and researchers from around the country. The multifarious uses of this unique fruit and other plant parts will be highlighted in this festival. Further, it will also illustrate how research can help to use banana diversity to increase options for both small-scale farmers and consumers.


  • Create awareness on the local biodiversity conservation
  • Promote entrepreneurship for doubling farmers income
  • Create awareness on the nutritional and health benefits of banana
  • Promote utilization of under utilized parts of banana -peels, leaves, pseudostem, stalk and inflorescence for food and non-food products.
  • Augment market : supply chain and value addition linkages
  • Promote organic farming, precision farming, efficient input management and per drop more crop.