National Seminar

17 - 19 February 2018

It is estimated that there are more than 500 banana varieties. Despite this diversity over 40% of all cultivars grown worldwide belong to only one genetically narrow subgroup of dessert bananas – the Cavendish. The tendency to replace local diversity with high-yielding cultivar as a monocrop is increasing every year, even in smallholder fields, sometimes resulting in complete loss of local diversity. Moreover, there are efforts to introduce and promote genetically modified bananas ignoring the virtues of local varieties and their importance both as food and medicine. There is an urgent need to protect and further explore the diversity of banana, both wild and cultivated.

A broad genetic base is necessary to make the crop more productive, resistant to pests and diseases, and resilient to climate change.

The seminar will provide a platform for disseminating the latest knowledge and developments in the Banana sector.

FOCAL THEME  : Conserving Diversity, Preserving Identity, Promoting Value Addition

Sub themes

  • Understanding, conserving and using banana genetic diversity
  • Impact of climate change on banana productivity, pests and diseases
  • Medicinal and nutritional importance of banana
  • Biofortification
  • Value addition of banana and by products
  • Organic banana- challenges and opportunities
  • GM bananas – exciting opportunities or disaster
  • Crop and pest management
    • Soil Health Management
  • Tissue culture banana and quality planting materials
  • Post-harvest issues, alternative uses, marketing and commercialization
  • Banana for ornamental purposes
  • Wild banana species in India
  • Emerging technologies and mechanization in Banana sector
  • Indigenous Traditional Knowledge (ITK) in Banana

Registration Fee

Category Up to 31st Jan 2018 1st Feb onwards and spot
Academicians / Scientists 1500 + 270* 1750 + 315*
Students 750 + 135* 1000 + 180*
Others 1000 + 180* 1250 + 225*

*18% GST extra